Welcome to Soniq.org!

Soniq.org currently has taken over 22,000 photos, clips, funnies, and sound bytes. Over the past few years, we have also expanded to include current events, technology updates, and many new iPhone and Mac Os X related stories.

I (Billie Hawkins) also write OS X related software! Please take a look at the OS X Downloads for free selections!

Since I live, work and play in Denver, this site will be primarily based in/on that area, but look around, as there are many pictures from Boulder, Downtown, and the mountains. I also included Wisconsin areas like Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee and of course, Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul -well, everywhere in the Midwest, basically.

Also, it is important to note that it is MY site. The focus is based on my personal perspectives and opinions, as well as the items that interest me and my friends. All content provided here is my property, or provided with ‘expressed’ permission; news articles and blog references will link directly to it’s owner or source, as able. If there is something on here that you want, please do not hesitate to email me. In many cases I would be glad to accommodate , and I may have originals that are of higher quality. If you do take something, please give credit where credit is due. In other words, PLUG my site! I want as many people to see this site as possible. It’s nothing if no one looks, right?

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All of the pictures (now streamlined to be the best of the best of each gallery!) are located at the Facebook Page (located on the menu at the top, or by section on the right.) The links, news and blog are up there as well; don’t forget to take a look in the t-shirt shop. I know some of them are pretty corny, but hey, you never know what you might find in there…


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