OS X Applescript

Needle Drop v4.0

Needle Drop v4.0 – This applet plays each track in the selected iTunes playlist for a set time interval optionally starting at a set number of seconds into each track, beginning with the selected track. Handy for ‘scoping playlists. Latest version: Adds option to set pause time between each playing tracks Copes better with Up(…)

Set Video Kind of Selected v4.0

Set Video Kind of Selected v4.0 – This script will change the video kind property of the selected tracks to your choice of “Home Video”, “Movie”, “Music Video” or “TV Show”. Additionally, “Show Name”, “Season Number”, and “Episode Number” can also be set or cleared for each selected track. Protected files, such as those purchased(…)

Multi-Media Items Edit v1.0

Multi-Media Items Edit v1.0 – As of iTunes 11.1–and as explained here–a selection of tracks must be the same media kind in order to batch-edit them. This script provides basic tag editing for a selection of tracks of any media kind. via Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes 30 Most Recent

Remove old events from Calendar

Ever wanted to remove all events prior to a given date from your calendar? Well, there’s a script for that. This Applescript prompts you for a pivot date and removes all events prior to this date from your Calendar database. display dialog “Please set the pivot date. (Events earlier than the pivot date will be(…)

Open new tab in Safari on the left

This script opens a new Safari window if none is open, maximizes the front window if minimized, and opens a new focused tab on the left with your bookmarks, with the text caret in the address bar. I Googled for such a script to no avail so I made it myself. Bound it to ⌘T(…)