iPhoto: Export ALL Events to Folders

 OS X App – iPhoto: Export ALL Events to Folders:
Export All photos from iPhoto Events into individual folders, named by the event (and date, if you prefer).

Update: As of iPhoto 9.4.3 , you can export directly out of iPhoto to a folder series! This application is no longer being updated. 

This script has been tested with iPhoto 8.1.2 (iLife ’09); other versions (likely) may not work.

If you upgrade to iPhoto 9.4.3 or later, you can export directly out of iPhoto to a folder series! You don’t need to use this or any other third party app.

Here’s how:
1.Choose File → Export from the menu.
2.Choose Kind: Original or JPEG. If you want the original picture at their original resolution, use Original. If you want to include all edits, use JPEG and check both check boxes to get the keywords, titles, etc. included in the file.
3.Choose Sub-folder Format: Event Name.


I ran into a situation that I am sure many have faced: My iPhoto library is huge, and I wanted to export all of the images and photos into clean folders based on Event Titles.
Through iPhoto, it’s easy enough to File -> Export one Event at a time, if you only need that – but iPhoto has no way of exporting ALL at once, in a folder structure.

Editor’s Note: iPhoto 11 does now have the ability to export with Event Titles, however it’s not an automatic solution. This Application will work on the entire library.

Thankfully, someone out there also had this idea, and wrote a python script to accomplish this. I took that script and wrapped it into an application that will cleanly complete this task for you. If you’d like, the original script is here.

All you have to do is tell it where your library is, where you want the exported files to go, and the system will do the rest.

Run it, sit back, and let it complete. After it starts, it will not give you status until it has finished.

Export All Events - iPhoto Event Exporter

Export All Events – iPhoto Event Exporter







Update: There are now two versions of this software.

The “No Date” Version will format the output folders as “Event Name” only.

The “Date Prefix” version will format the output folders as “YYYY-MM-DD Event Name”.

iPhoto Events

iPhoto Events items

Results of Script

Results of Script


Tested on:

iPhoto 8 iLife ’09 January 7, 2009 10.5.6 Universal
iPhoto 9 iLife ’11 October 20, 2010 10.6.3 Intel

Special Thanks to BMorearty for the python expertise!
Python programming and script Copyright (c) 2010 Derrick Childers

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
of this software and associated documentation files (the “Software”), to deal
in the Software without restriction.

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