Fix Permissions for OS X Files

 OS X App – Fix Permissions for OS X Files:

I do a lot of copying back and forth between different computers and Operating Systems. Occasionally, this causes permissions of files to get ‘locked’.

For example, If I copy files from my Windows 7 computer to my Mac, the files will be locked to the user on the Windows Computer (Billie) and I need them to be owned by the MAC user (billie). This script will fix that.

Simply run the app, enter your administer password (required for rights changes), and choose the folder to modify. It will change the permissions/owner on the files in the folder, recursively, to ‘Everyone’. This will allow you to open the file, save, modify, etc.

This will also spit out a list of files it corrected.

ResetPermissionsToEveryone 1.0- Download




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