Want Free Text Messaging for your iPhone or Android? This is how.

On a computer:

1. Go to Voice.google.com

2. Log in with your gmail account, or create a new one.

3. Choose a phone number. This will be your new SMS / phone number.

4. Choose settings -> Phones.

5. Checkmark “Forward calls to my Mobile Number”
— You may have to authorize your number on this phone number.



On the iPhone or android:

1. Download and install Google Voice
2. Activate it with your gmail information
3. Click Settings and Scroll down to ‘This phone’
4. Click ‘This phone’s Settings’
5. Set ‘Text Forwarding’ to OFF.

This will prevent Google voice from sending your messages to the SMS on the phone.



TIPS for easy use:
– Hide the sms ICON in a folder, and replace it with google Voice.
– Turn on badge, banner, and sound Notifications in the iPhone settings ( Settings – Notification – Google Voice )



– free texts
– push notifications
– easy interface
– phone calls to this new number forward transparently

Down sides:
– You have to give everyone your new phone number.
– People can still text your old number unless you tell your carrier to reject them.
– NO picture messages will work
– You will have two phone numbers. The one on the phone, and the new ‘forwarded’ one.