Create Outlook-like reminders for Mail with a keyboard shortcut

I just read this hint, about creating Outlook-like reminders for Mail, and thought I would submit my variation on this that I created a few weeks ago. I liked the functionality of creating reminders from e-mail messages and having the link for the message in the reminder, but the requirement of dragging and dropping killed it for me.

So I created an Automator service and AppleScript that gives me the exact same result but with a keyboard shortcut so I never have to leave Mail.

Create a new Automator service.

Select “Service receives no input.”

Add Get Selected Mail Items and select Messages in the drop down menu.

Add Run AppleScript and paste in the following script:

on run {input, parameters}
	tell application "Mail"
		set _sel to selection
		set _links to {}
		set the _message to item 1 ¬
			of the _sel
		set theSubject to subject of  ...

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