Display Notification Center Alerts from command line and AppleScripts

Using the Automator action from this recent hint, it is easy to post notifications from AppleScripts or the command line.

To set this up, simply do the following:

  1. Download and install the action.
  2. Create a new workflow in Automator containing only the Display Notification Center Alert action.
  3. In the variables section at the bottom of the workflow construction area in Automator’s window, create three variables named title, subtitle, and message.
  4. Give message a default value like “Notification sent.” You can leave the default values other two blank.
  5. Drag each variable to its corresponding field in the Display Notification Center Alert action.
  6. Save the workflow as Display Notification.wflow. A good place to save it is in ~/Library/Workflows (create the folder if necessary).

Now …

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