An alternative to the old Exposé “All Applications” hot corner

I recently upgraded to Lion and miss Exposé’s “All Windows” Hot Corner feature, which showed clearly all windows of the current Space. With Mission Control, you have to delicately hover over tiny slices of windows and keep hitting the space bar to switch between windows or, using a hot corner with “Application Windows,” select among all windows of a single app from all desktops (plus windows that aren’t even open)! I’m a power multi-tasker and I use desktops to differentiate between projects that all use the same apps, which means that Mission Control is virtually useless to me. Thus, I have put together an alternative that is far from Exposé’s previous functionality, but a wee step closer, and for me, a huge boost in productivity.

This hint uses two third-party preference panes (Witch and Corner Click) and an AppleScript.

First, make sure that the hot corner you want to …

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