Artist to Last-First v3.0

Artist to Last-First v3.0 – This applet will parse the text of the chosen tag (Artist, Album Artist, Composer or one of their Sort siblings) of a selection of tracks: Move the LAST word of the tag to the beginning, eg: Hound Dog Taylor -> Taylor, Hound Dog OR Move the FIRST word of the(…)

Artist to Album Artist v3.0

Artist to Album Artist v3.0 – This script will copy the Artist tag to the Album Artist tag of the selected tracks. Latest version: Maintenance update via Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes 30 Most Recent

Fade Stop Sleep v1.0

Fade Stop Sleep v1.0 – This applet is an easy to configure countdown timer that will fade out iTunes volume at a user-set time within the next twenty-four hours and duration. When the volume reaches zero, iTunes play will be stopped. Optionally, the applet can then have the computer go to Sleep. A floating panel(…)

Filenames to Song Names v3.0

Filenames to Song Names v3.0 – This script will rename the selected tracks in iTunes with their filenames (minus the extension). There is no accounting for track numbers that may prefix the filename. To remove characters from the beginning of tag text try using the script Remove n Characters From Front or Back. Latest version:(…)

Show In Playlists v1.0

Show In Playlists v1.0 – OS X 10.8 and later. This stay-open applet monitors iTunes and detects when library tracks have been selected and then displays a heirarchical list of the playlists containing the selected track(s) (emulating iTunes’ “Show In Playlist”). Clicking a playlist in the list chooses it in iTunes–and if a single track(…)