Convert and Replace v2.0

Convert and Replace v2.0 – OS X 10.8 or later. This script will convert the selected tracks using an encoder chosen on-the-fly (the encoder’s current Preferences-set options will be in effect) and replace the originals throughout the playlists of your entire library with the newly converted versions. Additionally, you can opt to Trash/delete or keep(…)

New Last Played Date v4.0

New Last Played Date v4.0 – OS X 10.8 or later. Set Last Played/Last Skipped date of selected tracks to a new date, with option to increase or decrease Plays/Skips, or set to no date and no plays/skips. Also see Add or Subtract Play Count. Latest version: Support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite/iTunes 12 Adds(…)

Multi-Item Edit v1.0

Multi-Item Edit v1.0 – OS X 10.8 or later. This applet will allow you to edit most track tags in a single window which emulates the pre-iTunes 12 “multiple item” format; that is, a checkbox adjacent to each tag allows you to select which changes are to be applied to the selection’s tags. Latest version:(…)

Enter Description Text for Selected v2.0

Enter Description Text for Selected v2.0 – This script will apply the same user-entered text to the “Description” tag of each of the selected tracks. iTunes 12 no longer provides a way to edit the Description tag of tracks in the Get Info panel for a multiple-selection of tracks. Latest version: Generally updated from 2005(…)

Increment Number Tags v2.0

Increment Number Tags v2.0 – OS X 10.8 and later only. This script will incrementally number your choice of the Track Number, Episode Number, Episode ID tags, and track Name prefix of the selected tracks. Additionally, a Track Count can be applied to each track, Episode ID can be configured with additional text incorporating the(…)