Create Archive of Selected v2.0

Create Archive of Selected v2.0 – This script will create a .zip archive of the files of the selected tracks. Latest version: Maintenance release (last update was 2005) via Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes 30 Most Recent

Loved Playlists v1.0

Loved Playlists v1.0 – OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and later only. This script will enable you to view the Love/Dislike settings for “loveable” iTunes playlists (Folder, Smart and “plain” playlists) and batch-edit these settings for one or more playlists at a time. (Dislike is currently only available in iTunes 12.5 beta. Ostensibly, a bug in(…)

New iPod Playlist From Selection v4.1

New iPod Playlist From Selection v4.1 – Select tracks or a playlist of tracks and add them to a new or existing playlist on a connected iPod, iPhone, or iPad. The device must be set to “Manually manage music and videos”. Incompatible with devices using iCloud Music Library. Very handy when assigned a keyboard shortcut.(…)

Dual-Pass Search v2.0

Dual-Pass Search v2.0 – Emulates an iTunes searchbox query in the first pass, the track results of which are searched for an additional search term in a second pass (Song Name, Artist, Album Artist, Album, Category, Comments, Composer, Description, Genre, Grouping, Kind, Lyrics, Show, Year, and Sort tags). Final results can be assembled in a(…)

Sundry Info To Comments v4.1

Sundry Info To Comments v4.1 – OS X 10.8 or later. Copies your single choice of filename, file path (location), file’s parent folder path, file creation date (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS), current playlist, volume adjustment, start time or stop time (HH:MM.SS), artwork size (WxH), purchaser name or purchaser account ID to choice of Category, Comments, Description or(…)