10.8: AppleScript to close iCal Alerts

I’d just installed OS X 10.8, and booted to find the right side of my screen covered in Birthday and Calendar notifications! Since installing I’ve clicked ‘Close’ on way too many iCal notification alerts. Here’s a script to close them all for you in one fell swoop. Since I still want iCal to popup a(…)

Playlists By Volume v1.0

Playlists By Volume v1.0 – This script applet will go through the iTunes library and sort each track into a new discrete playlist named for the drive on which each track’s file is located. via Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes 30 Most Recent

Display iTunes artwork in Growl notifications

OS X and Growl notifications are AppleScriptable and great for displaying user-defined text, but not so hot for user-defined images. OS X can only display the sending application’s icon, and Growl no longer accepts raw iTunes artwork image data or regular image files. Growl’s iTunes limitation can be overcome by converting an iTunes track’s raw(…)

Scan For Double Entries v1.0

Scan For Double Entries v1.0 – This applet will scan your iTunes library for pairs of track entries that–very strangely–point to the same file and then copy those tracks to a discrete playlist for further examination; presumably you’ll want to remove one of the faux pair tracks without Trashing the single associated file. This is(…)

Export Files From Playlists v1.0

Export Files From Playlists v1.0 – This applet will export copies of the files of the tracks in a selection of playlists to a single user-selected folder. OS X 10.6 or later. Also see Export Files to Folder, which works with a selection of tracks. via Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes 30 Most Recent